From 1991 until 2001 the Hallberg-Rassy 42F was built in totally 181 units. From 1990 until 1994 the Hallberg-Rassy 42F Mk I was built in 53 units without the swim platform and without the developed transom as on the Mk II. From 1994 until 2001 the improved Hallberg-Rassy 42F Mk II was built in 128 units. Apart from the transom, the rest of the hull, sailplan and engine remained the same between the Mk I and Mk II. 53 units were built of the Mk I version: construction numbers 1-52 plus number 55. This Frers designed 42F is not to be confused with the Enderlein designed 42 (E).


The Hallberg-Rassy 42F is a contemporary cruising yacht which embodies the builder's expertise with the 1991 design skills of Germán Frers. The end result being a superb cruising yacht with sparkling performance which is a pleasure to sail and will give pride of ownership indefinitely.

The hull was designed for its seaworthiness and to give good sailing, it was not built to a formula or to maximise racing rules. The deck is laid for correct functioning rather than appearance, the fact that it looks so good is a bonus. With regard to equipment you will see typical Hallberg-Rassy solutions plus some innovations which represent real improvements.


Designer Germán Frers, Argentina
Hull length 12.96 m / 42' 6"
Waterline at rest 10.35 m / 34'
Beam 3.95 m / 12' 11"
Draft, empty standard boat 2.00 m / 6' 7"*
Displacement, empty standard boat 12 500 kg / 27 558 lbs
Keel weight 4 700 kg / 10 360 lbs
Keel type lead on deep bilge
* = Also available as a 30 cm more shallow draft version  
Sail area with jib 89 m² / 958 sq ft
Sail area with genoa 101 m² / 1 087 sq ft
Engine Volvo Penta TMD22
Power 56 kW / 76 HP
Diesel 420 litres / 111 US gallon
Fresh water tanks 685 litres / 181 US gallon
Mast over water, without antennas/Windex 18.5 m / 60' 8"
Transport height with windscreen 4.39 m / 14' 5"
Transport height without windscreen 4 m / 13' 1"