802 hulls of the Hallberg-Rassy 352 were built between 1978 -1991. The 352 was from start a substantial sales success. This was the first time a designer had managed to combine, in a 35 foot boat, a walk through to the aft-cabin with spectacularly elegant lines. Hallberg-Rassy 352 offered large-boat characteristics at a moderate price. She features a comfortable interior with walk through to the aft cabin under deck, a big engine, combined with pleasant sailing qualities and nice lines.


Continuous modifications have been made during the 14 years the boat was in production:

  • In 1980 the hull was raised a couple of centimetres allowing more headroom in the walk through and in the aft cabin.
  • From the beginning the Hallberg-Rassy 352 had the Volvo Penta MD 21 but production of this engine discontinued in late 1984 and was replaced by the Volvo Penta 2003 Turbo. A few boats were built with the bigger MD 22 engine, which was an option in the end.
  • 1984-85 the galley working area was improved, as well as the entrance ladder, which got separate. The cockpit locker drain was improved. The spring cleats were moved up to the top of the teak toe rail. 
  • Around 1986 the skylight in the saloon was increased in size to give more natural light into the saloon. The locker doors of the saloon became louvered as on the larger Hallberg-Rassy sisters. Again the hull was raised, but only some cm, in order to get even better volume and headroom under deck. 


The boat was built with a standard and a tall rig. In the beginning only standard rigs were sold and in the end almost only tall rigs. The tall rig is easily recognised on the double spreaders and the standard one on the single spreader rig. Boats with in mast furling automatically became the tall rig.


A very few Hallberg-Rassy 352 were built with hardtop. But not with the normal deck, but with a deeper cockpit, to create space under the hardtop, sacrificing the walk through under deck to the aft cabin. The aft cabin was then accessed only from the cockpit.


Congratulations to Swedish double handed crew of Hallberg-Rassy 352 No 125 "Concubine", Mr Mats Jones and Mr Ragnar Sandberg, who placed second in ARC + category C 2018. This boat is also the smallest and oldest in the fleet. This photo is from the prize giving ceremony in Rodney Bay in the Caribbean.


Designers Christoph Rassy / Olle Enderlein
Hull length 10.54 m / 34' 9"
Waterline at rest 8.70 m / 28' 7''
Beam 3.38 m / 11' 1"
Draught, empty standard boat 1.67 m / 5' 6"
Displacement, empty standard boat 6 700 kg / 14 770 Lbs
Keel weight 3 tons
Keel type Incapsulated iron in deep bilge
Headroom saloon 1.85 m / 6'
Sail area with working jib, standard rig 52.5 m²
Sail area with genoa, standard rig 64 m²
Air draft, standard rig, ex Windex 14.53 m / 47' 8"
Air draft, tall rig, ex Windex 15.63 m / 51' 3"
Volvo Penta engine MD 21, 2003 Turbo, MD 22
Power for 2003T at crank shaft 32 kW / 43 HP
Diesel 240 litres / 63.4 US gallon
Fresh water 300 litres / 79 US gallon
Transport height with windscreen 3.70 m / 12' 2"
Transport height without windscreen 3.31 m / 10' 10"