1990 the almost revolutionary Hallberg-Rassy 34 was launched. The concept was a new Frers designed model with greatly improved performance compared to earlier production Hallberg-Rassys and a look that can be described so contradictory as younger, yet classic at the same time.


This should be done without sacrificing all the good old Hallberg-Rassy qualities such as sturdiness, seaworthiness, comfort, safety, and fine wood-work. This concept came reality in every aspect and the 34 came to be a commercial success and a forerunner for a whole new generation Hallberg-Rassys. 484 units were built during the sixteen years the boat was in production 1990 - 2005.


Hallberg-Rassy 34 with her efficient keel and sturdy fractional rig shows sailing characteristics that should not be possible for a fine cruising boat like this. She has won many races, although she at the same time offers great comfort for cruising long distances.


The vast 2.24 m aft cockpit is well protected from the sea by the Hallberg-Rassy typical wind screen. All halyards and reefing lines are controlled from the cockpit.


The Hallberg-Rassy 34 has been improved a lot, step by step, during the sixteen (!) years she was in production. To see what has been improved, please follow this link. In 2005 the Hallberg-Rassy 34 was replaced by the completely new design Hallberg-Rassy 342.


The Hallberg-Rassy 34 with her efficient keel and fractional rig is a departure from the centre cockpit masthead type found on the 36, and a bigger sisters and it is good demonstration of the amount of thought and time dedicated to each one of the models offered.

This is a yacht which is more performance orientated, but keeping with the customary directions from Mr Rassy, also easy to steer and well balanced.

The aft cockpit is large and well protected from the sea. The rig is simple and sturdy. The interior volume is very well distributed with good headroom and elbow space All in all, a very nice yacht that will remain attractive for many years.

Germán Frers


Quote from the Swedish yachting magazine Båtnytt:
"The carpentry is excellent with well-made laminated wood edgings and counters, fine doors and louvered cupboard fronts. Also the choice of material - light, smooth mahogany - scores points. The engine installation has good air intake and is well sound insulated. The maneuvering ability is excellent, as well as the sailing qualities. Hallberg-Rassy 34 has the touch of a racing boat, heels, speeds up with a comfortable weather helm and has a good response on trimming. A splendid boat for modern cruising sailors."


Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden, May 6th, 2000:
"Characters of world class. Passionate sailors will be happy with the Hallberg-Rassy 34. The boat makes good speed in light breeze, has power in its movements, sails with a pleasant pressure on the rudder and is very well balanced. The best sides of the Hallberg-Rassy 34 will be found in very bad conditions. With almost 40% of the weight in the keel the boat has a low centre of gravity and is extremely stiff. The boat has well known quality, very good second hand value, a performance, which is hard to beat, and lovely craftsmanshift. However her lines are the best. In a beauty contest she would win. The best 34 footer in the world is also the most beautiful. Personally I would not hesitate. I would be pleased to put myself into the waiting list for the Hallberg-Rassy 34."


Segling, Sweden, No 3 2000 about the Hallberg-Rassy 34:
"A wonderful sailing boat with a good piece of workmanship, a boat with feeling, character and capacity. Stiff, fast, nice to sail and a wonderful behaviour in the sea. She costs a lot of money, but has low depreciation and is therefore especially worth buying."


Designer Germán Frers, Argentina
CE category A - Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length 10.28 m / 33' 9"
Waterline at rest 8.69 m / 28'6''
Beam 3.42 m / 11' 3"
Draught, empty standard boat * 1.85 m / 6' 1"
Displacement, empty standard boat 5 300 kg / 11 684 lbs
Keel weight 2 100 kg / 4 630 lbs
* Also available as a 25 cm more shallow draft version  
Keel type lead on deep bilge
Sail area with jib 55 m² / 592 sq ft
Sail area with genoa 62 m² / 667 sq ft
Air draft, ex Windex 15.5 m
Engine Volvo Penta 2003, later 2030
Power at crank shaft 21 kW / 29 HP
Diesel tank 155 litres / 41 US gallon
Fresh water tanks 255 litres / 67 1/2 US gallon
Transport height with windscreen, without pulpit 3.77 m / 12' 5"