Hallberg-Rassy 69 is both the largest and the greatest yacht ever built by Hallberg-Rassy. This flagship can be handled by a family crew, by the concept of effortless sailhandling through PushButtonSailing. At the same time, there is room for deckhand or skipper if desired.



The exterior exudes graceful elegance with its sweeping lines. The deck is unusually clean and completely flushed forward of the mast. The 14.8 cubic meters of deck locker spaces are huge. The long cockpit has two L-shaped sofas, a large and solid teak cockpit tables in high-gloss varnish. There is an optional cockpit fridge. The cockpit is well protected by the Hallberg-Rassy-typical windshield with folding softtop or hardtop. The helmsman’s position is unexposed and has good protection through a proper coaming around.


The interior is located on one level from bow to stern, important for moving freely, whether it is while sailing or at anchor or in port. There is an unusual amount of natural light, with eight hull portlights. You sit in the saloon and look out through the large hull portlights. They provide full contact with the outside world, while blinds can easily be pulled down if transparency or sunlight is not desired. A person of normal height looks upright through the large saloon portlights. The interior design options enables a walk-in closet, a cabin for a deckhand, and VIP guest cabins.


The engine is unusually well-dimensioned, even for a Hallberg-Rassy. It is a 6-cylinder Volvo Penta D6-300 of 300 hp with a high and flat torque with an increadible 790 Newton meters of torque at 2,100 rpm.

The engine room is large and has room for lots of technical equipment. It is also well sound insulated and easily accessible for service and maintenance.


The first Hallberg-Rassy 69 already sails. The World Premiere was at Boot Düsseldorf 20-28 January 2024. If you are seriously considering ordering a yacht of this class, please book an appointment for a test sail att the yard in Ellös, Sweden.

Some quotes from the Yachting World April 2024 test of the Hallberg-Rassy 69

We averaged double figure speeds. With ease. The new model was going like a locomotive, wonderfully assured, powerfully clocking off mile after mile, and offering a transcendent helming experience. The Hallberg-Rassy 69 has that power, that magnetic magnificence.

This is one easily driven machine.

To put the Hallberg-Rassy 69’s size into perspective, it carries the weight of an average 55ft production yacht in its keel ballast alone. The result is that it maintains a consistent, modest and manageable angle of heel and has the length and weight to devour miles, particularly when reaching.

There is an elegance and grace to the yacht’s motion. There’s no rush, nothing twitchy, but when it has the breeze to reach its double digit hull speed, it can and will stay there and maintain that speed all day and night. And if things get a bit spicy, reducing sail is a push-button away. “It’s still about the joy of sailing,” says Magnus – “it’s just the heavy work that has gone.”

The shipwrights’ skills and attention to detail are evident everywhere you look.

This is a sensational cruising machine of formidable build quality, blessed with intoxicating, powerful lines, prize engineering, rich carpentry, and premium finish quality.


Designer Germán Frers Naval Architecture
CE category A - Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length without bowsprit 20.96 m / 68’ 9”
Maximum length incl. bowsprit 22.22 m / 72’ 11’’
Waterline at rest 19.70 m / 64’ 8’’
Beam without rubrail 5.89 m / 19’ 4”
Draught, empty standard yacht 2.70 m / 8’ 10”
Displacement, empty standard yacht 46.5 t / 102 500 lbs
Keel weight 18.1 t / 40 000 lbs
Keel material Lead
Air draft, ex Windex 31.3 m / 102’ 8’’
Standard sail area with genoajib 216 m² / 2 325 ft²
Sail area, optimized main and genoajib 247 m² / 2 659 ft²
FatFurl and Code zero, hydraulic furling 345.5 m² / 3 719 ft²
Engine Volvo Penta D6-300
Power at crank shaft 221 kW / 300 HP
Transmission Hydraulic with shaft
Number of cylinders 6
Engine displacement 5.5 liters
Diesel 2 300 l / 607 US gallon
Fresh water 1 900 l /501 US gallon
Estimated GRT 60.38
Estimated NRT 54.34