The Hallberg-Rassy 372 was built in 120 units 2008-2025 and is optimized for comfortable and fast family cruising. She will take you anywhere, anytime. Compared to the Hallberg-Rassy 37, the 372 is only a few centimetres longer, is 5 cm wider and has a fuller transom. The canoe body is slightly shallower, the waterline longer and the keel slightly deeper and lighter. The aft and mid sections of the hull are flatter and the bow section sharper. The sheer line is more pronounced. All this gives both improved sailing performance and more interior space. The modern sailplan is easy to handle. The yacht breathes graceful elegance.

Hallberg-Rassy may be best known for its centre cockpit boats, but over 5 900 of so far 9 700 built Hallberg-Rassys have an aft cockpit. The aft cockpit 372 is in every aspect an all-new Frers design and is not based on the centre cockpit Hallberg-Rassy 37.



The mast is 1.05 m taller than on the 37. The modern sail plan is made for easy handling, with its greater mainsail and only slightly overlapping genoajib. There is an option of self tacking jib. A powerful backstay tensioner is fitted as standard. The rig has triple swept-back spreaders, the top shrouds go out to near the toe rail and the lowers are positioned to the superstructure for easy passage on deck, and for easy sheeting of the foresail. An optional Code Zero or gennaker is flown between the masthead and a removable bowsprit. Frers’ speed prediction diagram indicates that the Hallberg-Rassy 372 is even faster than the 40, which is recognized as a fast yacht.


In the Norwegian yachting magazine Seilas, there was a big comparison test between 8 modern 37 footer. Test winner was the Hallberg-Rassy 372.


The aft cockpit is generous and the leather covered steering wheel is a large 122 cm. The steering is directly linked, for a precise sailing experience. Halyards are hidden under the coach roof and are handled by two winches on the cockpit coaming, not on the exterior chart tables. This solution makes it possible to achieve Hallberg-Rassy typical Push Button Sailing with optional electric halyard and control winches, without disturbing the interior, even with a traditional non-furling mainsail. There are two big exterior chart tables in teak. It goes without saying that the cockpit is well protected by a windscreen that melts perfectly into the lines of the yacht.


There are no less than five large deck hatches, all flush mounted so that the glass is level with the coach roof. The opening deck hatches to the toilet room and the aft cabin are milk coloured, to allow light but no view into the cabin.

The genoajib furler has an under deck mounted drum to get clean deck lines. Also the optional electric anchor windlass is mounted under deck. The distance between the windlass and the chain storage is essential for a self-stowing chain and this is achieved by the Hallberg-Rassy 372’s special design and layout arrangement.


Below deck the interior is roomy and bright. There are two deck hatches in the saloon. All side port lights are opening and the same large size as on the Hallberg-Rassy 54. The galley is big, U shaped and seagoing. The galley worktop is in a solid composite stone material. Both sofas in the saloon are a full two metres long. The roomy head is equipped with a wet locker and has a separate shower with PlexiGlass doors. The forward cabin is extremely large and generous. The v berth is 210 cm long, 68 cm wide at the foot end and 202 cm in the aft end. There is a seat, two hanging lockers and two vanities in the forward cabin. The aft cabin also has a comfortable and unusually wide double berth.


The engine is a generously sized 44 kW / 60 HP 4 cylinder Volvo Penta with a range under engine of approximately 845 nautical miles at 2/3 throttle, 6 knots, with the optional Gori propeller with overdrive. Seilas magazine says that "We have never measured such low noise levels before, neither in the cockpit nor below deck. The low rpm gives less noise."

The alternator is as large as 115 A.


Already after the first tack it was clear: Hallberg-Rassy 372 sails like a dream! She is quick, stiff, easy to steer in all conditions. She moves gently in the water, always under control. It is great fun sailing her!


Tjörn Runt is one of the world´s largest inshore races. 471 boats applied 2010. A Hallberg-Rassy 372 won her class. This proves that a comfortable cruiser doesn't need to lack in performance.


The Hallberg-Rassy 372 has quickly proved very popular all over the world. She has in short time already won buyers from Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan,Norway, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.


Europe’s larges sailing magazine, Yacht from Germany, has tested the Hallberg-Rassy 372 and says:
”In light airs it is obvious how easy and responsive it is to steer her. In fresh winds on the other hand she shows great stiffness.”


“In strong winds the 372 shows her true sporty spirit“
“In 35 knots of true wind and at about 60 degrees course the Hallberg-Rassy 372 makes an impressive 11 knots boat speed over ground – that’s surprisingly fast”
“The higher price tag has its good reasons“
“It has always been so that it goes without saying that a Hallberg-Rassy has many fine details. That’s the case also with this new model”
“The interior woodwork shines with a high quality level and lots of comfort“
“Although there are so many new fresh ideas in this new 372, there is no doubt that this is a true Hallberg-Rassy with all the attributes and advantages who have created the world-wide acclaimed Hallberg-Rassy image that has grown so strong throughout the years.”
"All in all the 372 is maybe the most pretty and exciting yacht from Ellös"


The Norwegian yacht magazine “Seilas” features a test of the Hallberg-Rassy 372 and say:
“The Hallberg-Rassy 372 sails so well that many people will have to revise their view of the well-known Swedish sailboat brand. The sailing performance is impressive. We keep 7 knots boatspeed against the choppy seas coming towards us. The boat is moving remarkably smooth through the confused waves. We are making good speed, and the cockpit stays totally dry. After half an hour of hard tacking, we can bear away and get a broad reach towards the archipelago of Väderöarna, located about 30 nautical miles to northwest. The boat is surfing along in eight-nine knots, with no problems for the helmsman to keep her on course. We take out the reef and increase the speed to 11.5 knots.
Hallberg-Rassy 372 has it all: a large galley, a great saloon, a grand forward cabin, large chart table and a decent head. All the portholes can be opened and large skylights let lots of light in and gives airiness under deck. The interior is filled with smart and practical details, so well known to the Hallberg-Rassy concept. The boat is built to live on. There is plenty of storage room and every available space is being used.
The following morning the wind has changed to North West and slackened to 8-10 knots. After a splendid sunrise we cast off and set the furling gennaker. Once again we experience the great sailing capacities of the Hallberg-Rassy 372. We soon pick up speed and get a nice broad reach of 6-7 knots heading south. Sailmaker Westfal is impressed with the acceleration in this light wind.
The wind dies after a while so we start the engine. It runs very silently. We have never measured such low noise levels before, neither in the cockpit nor below deck. The low rpm gives less noise.
Hallberg-Rassy 372 is a fast and fun sailing boat, without sacrificing all the live-aboard comforts.”


In connection with that the Hallberg-Rassy 372 was presented winner of European Yacht of the Year 2010 in the Luxury Cruiser category, the magazines said:
Seilas, Norway: "Hallberg-Rassy 372 is a cruiser that matches the performance cruisers in speed and sailing performance. This has all the Hallberg-Rassy's well known qualities, but in a more modern package. It's seaworthy, fast and comfortable."


"Fantastic sailing performance in rough seas; there is no vibration, no bumping, you feel only the powerful surfing through the waves - this is luxury sailing, with good feeling on the helm. She is a bluewater-yacht, but sails nearly as well as a performance cruiser; build quality as expected."


"Fast and fun while still a real Hallberg-Rassy, even if a bit more sporty. If luxury is honest, well-made boats with traditional style, Hallberg-Rassy is the queen of it. Good, safe and practical solutions and incredibly good sailing!"


"Pleasurable and easy to sail, this cruiser still retains that superior level of build and fit out and boasts a well-proportioned interior. Nimble, quick and easy to tack, she provides excellent cockpit comfort for both crew and helm, and is simple for a couple to manage. A quality boat that provides fast yet comfortable push-button sailing."


"The sailing performance of Hallberg-Rassy 372 is a thrill for a boat from this yard! But always the same is the excellent quality of construction and the exclusive standard in interior design."


"It sails better than the previous generation, the look is rather classic, so it will still be in the future. You can open the transom to access to the sea. And, most of all, the build quality is very good. This might well be the best you can get in this size, and one that will last for long time."


"Through decades of persistence Hallberg-Rassy has become one of the most valuable and cherished trade marks in international boatbuilding. The Hallberg-Rassy 372 still looks much like her older siblings, but it adds one more thing to the quality, safety and style the yard is famous for: surprising performance. A joy to steer she is the perfect epitome of luxury - over-achieving your expectations. And doing so without making much fuss about it."


"An unusually complete cruiser. An easytravelling, surprisingly fast yacht especially upwind in a breeze and a pleasure to helm with a distinctive light pressure. Innovative decklayout, with all lines under a cover and fed to stoppers in the coaming, to make use of either forward or aft winches possible and provide fun trimming. Inside volume can match low cost boats and is very well used with deep lockers, drawers, and seagoing pantry. Standards in detailing are seamless with beautiful selected Khaya Mahogany, well varnished, perfect fit everywhere and no shortcuts. The atmosphere shows it is possible to marry traditional quality in materials with modern taste for light interiors. Not a low price yacht, but still worth the money. Not least in the long run."


"Hallberg-Rassy has very carefully implemented ‘new' trends - especially in the interior-styling. So the yacht might maybe not look very modern, but for the yard it is. She's the perfect balance between their own tradition, new trends and contemporary sailing abilities: this is a VERY good sailing yacht, which might be able to compete with modern performance cruisers. Of course she's built with the well-known Hallberg-Rassy building quality. A great job by the Swedes."


Designer Germán Frers
CE category A - Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length 11.35 m / 37' 3"
Waterline at rest 10.25 m / 33' 8"
Beam 3.60 m / 11' 10"
Draught, empty standard boat * 1.99 m / 6' 7"
Displacement, empty standard boat 7.5 T / 16 500 lbs
Keel weight 2.9 T / 6 400 lbs
Keel type lead on deep bilge
Sail area standard with genoajib 72.5 m² / 780 sq ft
Sail area with Code Zero 113.3 m² / 1 216 sq ft
* 35 cm/1'2'' shallower draft version available  
Headroom Saloon 1.93 m / 6' 4''
Air draft, ex Windex 17.80 m / 58' 5''
Engine Volvo Penta D2-60 / 130 S
Power at crank shaft 44 kW / 60 HP
Number of cylinders 4
Alternator 115 A
Engine displacement 2.2 l
Diesel tank 270 litres / 72 US gallon
Fresh water tanks 471 litres / 124 US gallon
Transport height with windscreen 4.28 m
Transport height without windscreen 3.95 m
Estimated GRT 12.12
Estimated NRT 10.91