The boat owner's own story about the Hallberg-Rassy 312 crushed by a wind mill support vessel

We are mid 30 years old sailors from Poland. In the middle of September we made our dream come true with a  Hallberg-Rassy 312. We bought the 36 years old boat in the Netherlands, the Hallberg-Rassy 312 with serial number 36 built in 1980. We sailed from Scharendijke, the Netherlands for one week and then the old good Volvo Penta MD 11 broke. We needed to stop at Warnemünde, close to Rostock, Germany. After two weeks, when the engine was replaced, we decided to continue our trip taking our Hallberg-Rassy to her new home in Poland. Early in the morning we left and sailed towards Stralsund. After over 40 miles we stopped for refueling and to have a meal in port Barhöft. 10 minutes after leaving the boat safely moored, the Danish wind-mill service catamaran crushed into our boat… Our dreams were destroyed... We were lucky that we were not there as we could have been killed or seriously injured. The brave boat did not sink, she allowed us to save our personal belongings. Now our hearts are the same crushed as her. We felt so happy and special for this short time we had her. Now the insurance companies make the survey if she is repairable or not... We do not know how this whole accident will end. We just wish to wake up from this bad dream and continue our trip to her new home harbour.

Literary the day before the crash, here in Hohe Düne

A boat owner with a crushed dream and a crushed boat

The brave boat did not sink, she allowed the boat owners to save their personal belongings