Hallberg-Rassy 57 test report

Hallberg-Rassy 57 page updated with a test by Sittbrunnen.se from Sweden. Some quotes translated into English:

Close to perfection. With the new Hallberg-Rassy 57, the yard exceeds its own popular concept and take yachting connoisseurs to the next level. The sailing performance is superb, the best so far in a Hallberg-Rassy. There is excellent contact in the steering, you feel how the boat wants to be sailed, the steering wheel freewheel, you feel the waves, the rudder pressure is clear and the course keeping is wonderful. With no doubt the Hallberg-Rassy 57 is a dream yacht. Those who can afford it, will get a yacht to live a good life onboard this spacious and incredibly comfortable cruiser, probably the very most interesting bluewater cruiser on the world market today.

Read the full test report at http://sittbrunnen.se/havsbiblioteket/curres-blogg/2229-hallberg-rassy-57-testad-snudd-pa-perfektion