Dear journalist,

please notice that these pictures are available for free use provided that you mention that the photos come from, the photographer's name (if available), which is part of the file name, and also that it is for use by a journalist.

Just go to the gallery below, click the desired photo, and then download. The hi res version will then be stored in your computer's download folder.

If you want to use the picture commercially, for example as illustration in a brochure or an advert, please enquire Please enable JavaScript to render this link!. A special agreement need to be made in such a case.

Go here to download hi res videos of the new Hallberg-Rassy 69

Go here to download hi res press images from our cloud

To get other high resolution images for journalists for editorial use in magazines than already in the above folder link, please email Please enable JavaScript to render this link! to request the images you like in hi res.