Dear Journalist,

To get high resolution images for journalists for editorial use in magazines, there are two ways obtaining them:

1) We have over 130 of the most popular high resolution photos available for download from the gallery further down this page. Click on the image you want to download and then on "Download full image size". Note! This works on desktops only, not on tablets or smartphones, where you will only get a low res image.

Index for the hi res photo gallery:

New! Hallberg-Rassy 400: subpage 1
New! Lifetime Achievement Award to Christoph Rassy: subpage 1
New! 50 ft sea rescue vessel donated by the Rassy family: subpage 1
Hallberg-Rassy 310 subpages 1-2
Hallberg-Rassy 340 subpages 2-3
Hallberg-Rassy 372 page 3
New! Hallberg-Rassy 40C subpages 3-4
Hallberg-Rassy 412 subpages 4-5
Hallberg-Rassy 44 subpages 5-6
New! Hallberg-Rassy 50, subpage 6
New! Hallberg-Rassy 57 subpage 6-7
Hallberg-Rassy 64 subages 7-8
The yard: subpages 8-9
Germán Frers: 9-10
Open Yard / Öppet Varv: subpage 10
Historical photos subpage 10
Previous models: subpages 11-14

2) Please request what kind of photo you like to have sent by email. A high resolution file is typically between 2 and 9 MB for each photo.

Please notice that these pictures are available for free use provided that you mention that the photos come from and also that it is for use by a journalist. If you want to use the picture commercially, for example as illustration in a brochure or an advert, please enquire A special agreement need to be made in such a case.