How to send photos to Owners Gallery

This is a page where you who have a Hallberg-Rassy, new or old, can send us photos to share it with others. The photos should have some kind of Hallberg-Rassy connection and after approval most photos will be put up on a Owners gallery page where people can look at and download the photos. Some photos may also be used on our social media acconts on and . Please send your photo, preferrably as a separate. not embedded, .jpg image to The larger the file, the better. Please write something about the name of the boat and where the photo was taken and possibly a little more around the photo. When you send us a photo you also give us permission to use the photo(s) free of charge. Good photos might also be used for brochures, adverts or similar. We and all other Hallberg-Rassy friends look forward sharing your photos!