Details to be aware of

When buying a new yacht

There are many things to think of when choosing your next new boat. Lots of specific details may be seen on all the Hallberg-Rassy models no matter what size. There are good reasons the Hallberg-Rassy yachts look as they do. Here follows a list of things to think of:

  • Is there a proper bilge, not too shallow and still not too deep? A too shallow bilge is not able to collect drained water and if it is too deep it will be difficult to keep the bilge clean. Is there a plug at the deepest part of the bilge? With this plug the bilge can be drained when the boat is ashore. This enables you to wash under the floorboards with lots of water when doing the winter cleaning.
  • Is the hull and deck isolated with Divinycell? The insulation helps the heater keep the heat in the boat when cold outside as well as insulating from the heat in tropical areas. It also makes the boat drier because it reduces the condensation to a minimum. Divinycell does not absorb water in case of a damage or leakage, the opposite to balsa, for example.
  • Has the hull construction an integrated rubrail on the sides? The rubrail not only protects against scratches, it also keeps the dirty and sandy fenders away from the freeboards. The rubrail makes the freeboards look lower and therefore more elegant.
  • Is the boat designed by a well known naval architect with a well known reputation all over the world? Is the boat built by a yard known world wide?
  • This is of vital importance for the long term second hand value of the boat.
  • Is the boat built by a yard that takes pride in delivering on the agreed date? Hallberg-Rassy has delivered all its 9 700 yachts on time.
  • Does a windscreen protect the cockpit well? Is the height of the windscreen high enough to protect the cockpit but still low enough to ensure good looks?
  • Is the design of the windscreen a part of the boat design so that it harmonises with the rest of the boat? Has the windscreen an opening window in the middle to ensure sufficient ventilation when needed? Is there an integrated grabrail to hold on to when walking in and out of the cockpit? Is the windscreen mounted in such a way that the stainless steel screws and the aluminium frame are insulated from each other to avoid electrolysis?
  • Are there sufficient grabrails on deck and on the ceiling inside the boat?
  • When an electric windlass has been mounted, is the motor placed in a dry, protected area free from condensation? Is the chain running above the deck? This gives maximum height for the chain, which contributes to best possible conditions for proper self-stow of the chain without piling up.
  • Are the sails made by a sailmaker well known internationally? Is the design adapted for extremely tough conditions? Elvström Sails, Denmark sews all Hallberg-Rassy sails in a special offshore design, with additional leather reinforcements. This gives longer service life.
  • Is the engine strong enough? Has the boat sufficient fuel capacity? Is it possible to drain the diesel tank easily? On all the centrecockpit Hallberg-Rassys there is even a special drain pump for the fuel tank mounted in the engine room. Are the tanks constructed with built in wash plates? Are the tanks specially adapted to each boat model so that maximum tank volume is obtained?
  • Is the interior planned so that a natural flow through the boat is obtained, or are other parts of the boat blocked when, for example, the galley is in use? Is the galley sea-going? Is there good headroom in the galley? Is the floor in one level throughout the boat?
  • Is inside woodwork varnished with at least six layers of varnish? Is the wood surface well filled with varnish? Have the floorboards real wooden veneer with bright wood stringers? Are the sides of the floorboards varnished? Are the sides of the drawers made of elegant, solid wood?
  • Are the mattresses made for comfort? On a Hallberg-Rassy the mattresses in the sleeping cabins are made of two layers of foam. The saloon mattresses are made of three layers of foam. At the bottom a layer of harder foam, in the middle a layer of softer foam and at the top front, a layer which is a little thicker, everything for a very high level of comfort. Are all mattresses tailor made to suit well? Do the mattress boards have enough ventilation holes and are these boards unvarnished, both for the best ventilation? Is the carpet secured by press studs to prevent movement?
  • Is the yacht well ventilated? Are there enough ventilators on board? Are the cupboards louvered?
  • Is there adequate lighting onboard? Are all cables wired in a reasonable way, and put in conduits wherever possible?
  • Is the waterline position individually positioned to each yacht, so that care has been taken to ensure whether the yacht is equipped with a bow thruster or not, electrical windlass or not?
  • Is there a dedicated company to take care of original spare parts and accessories orders?

The answers to all above questions is yes for all Hallberg-Rassy models.