Solar panel sails

01 Apr 2021

The Hallberg-Rassy 50 is now, as first ever world wide, available with solar panels fully integrated with the sails. 160.7 square meters of sail area that at the same time works as solar panels, generating up to 410 A charging at 24 V. Even a grey March day, the sails generated 27 A positive charging, and at the same time keeping pace with all instruments, heaters, four fridges and freezers.

These new solar panel sails are manufactured in a way that the sails keep their shape well, are possible to reef, and even to furl into the carbon mast.

In the second photo you can see the thick wiring running from the boom down do the boat, to cope with all the power.

This is a unique option, developed as a joint venture between Mastervolt, Elvström Sails and Hallberg-Rassy. This solution may only be ordered on April 1st every year.