Yet another Hallberg-Rassy victory in ARC

The German Hallberg-Rassy 54 "Bluewater Mooney" is the winner of the ARC 2015, class D. She is the fastest boat in the category, both on actual time and on corrected time. This is the third time a Hallberg-Rassy 54 wins her category in the ARC.

As if this wouldn't be enough, there are another two Hallberg-Rassys winning 3rd place in their category; the 48 "Alpaire" in category F, and the 42F "Cavatina" in category G. Also in the ARC Plus another Hallberg-Rassy 54, "Anorak" won her category.

This proves that a comfortable long distance cruiser doesn't need to lack in performance.

Congratulations to the successful crews of "Bluewater Mooney" "Anorak", "Alpaire" and "Cavatina"!