Yachtclub renews fleet of ten Hallberg-Rassys

A private European sailing club, British Kiel Yacht Club, owns a fleet of ten Hallberg-Rassy 342s. The club has decided to renew the fleet. Once more the club has carefully investigated the market for 31-35 ft cruising boats. The result is again an order for a new fleet of ten Hallberg-Rassy 342.

The club has made a very detailed analysis of competing boats including sea trials, inspection of building methods, analysis for possible second hand value, spare parts supply, value for money and more. The analysis has been going on for more than a year.

BKYC, British Kiel Yacht Club, is based in Kiel, Germany. The British military is chartering the boats for adventurous sailing training. Normally people from the British Army sail the yachts, but also people from the British Navy and the British Air Force or private persons with connection to the UK Military. 5 to 7 men and women are onboard each yacht on a trip that usually takes around 5 days, goes to Denmark and covers 150 nautical miles.

The yachts are used extensively from early March until the end of November. Each boat is sailed about 7 000 nautical miles per year, which corresponds to roughly seven years of sailing for an ordinary sailor. BKYC has their own yard facilities with professional care and maintenance. A recent report from the RYA Chief Examiner describes the boats as ”the best maintained fleet of sea school yachts in the world”.

The club changes boats every three to four years and this is the fifth time the order goes to Hallberg-Rassy. No other boatbuilder has received so many orders from BKYC. BKYC has previously had a fleet of twelve Hallberg-Rassy 29 and another fleet of twelve Hallberg-Rassy 31 and now the third fleet of ten Hallberg-Rassy 342. That makes 54 Hallberg-Rassys to one buyer!

The new boats are to be delivered in February 2014. The old fleet of boats is available for sale at 137 000 Euros + VAT and these boats are accessible for delivery October 2013 but may be bought now. Please contact flag@bkyc.de for details on the previous fleet.