www.hallberg-rassy.com online for twenty years

Hallberg-Rassy has had its web site online since 1996. Twenty years is an eternity in the web world.

www.hallberg-rassy.com was originally launched December 1996 and was re-launched in December 2015 with a new look and additional content. This has been done without removing anything of the extensive in-depth info the previous web sites already had. The web site is now also responsive, which means it works well on smartphones and tablets too. 

On the Hallberg-Rassy web site you can read everything you need to know and everything you didn’t know about Hallberg-Rassy. You will of course find the most detailed information in the business of the current models, but also on every previous model ever built. You’ll find a vast array of exterior photos, interior photos, drawings, fuel consumption data, sketches for winter cradles and company history. There are 360° views of the interiors and movies. You’ll find news, two web cams, tall stories and a pre-owned boats-for-sale page. You may download Owner’s Manuals in English, German or Swedish, or download our NewsLetters and all brochures ever published, new and old. You may subscribe to the Hallberg-Rassy E-News or send your photo contribution to the popular Owners Gallery. 

The web site is literally updated daily all year around and is always worth another visit.