Result list from The Hallberg-Rassy Regatta where Everybody Wins 2012

Hallberg-Rassy 412 "Rassker 412" First boat to finish


Hallberg-Rassy 43 Mk II "Pouchy" Longest way home (Boston, USA)


Hallberg-Rassy 43 Mk II "Rackar'n" First boat back in the harbour


Hallberg-Rassy 40 "Miann" Wisest boat buyer (10 Hallberg-Rassys within the family)


Hallberg-Rassy 372 "Tess" Fastest boat with toy tugboat tugged after


Hallberg-Rassy 372 "Ahoi Marie" Worst chart reader


Hallberg-Rassy 37 "Gefion" Most yellowly dressed crew


Hallberg-Rassy 342 "Smulan" Most moviestar (made a nice film from the event)


Hallberg-Rassy 342 "Aloma" Most well polished boat


Hallberg-Rassy 342 "Zephyros" Sailcover master (quickest to reinstall mainsail cover and headsail cover)


Hallberg-Rassy 34 "Anna" Most Tjörn Runt overall winner


Hallberg-Rassy 34 "Khamsin" Best homemade curtains


Hallberg-Rassy 310 "Märta" Fastest boat with wrongly rolled Furlex line


Hallberg-Rassy 310 "Morris" Youngest captain


Hallberg-Rassy 310 "Demo" Coolest earlystarter


Hallberg-Rassy 31 Mk II "Impuls 3" Most calm captain