New all time high - 140 yachts on show at Open Yard 21-23 August

There is a new all time high; 140 yachts ion show at the Hallberg-Rassy Open Yard 21-23 August 2015.

Hallberg-Rassy will show the 310, 342, 372, 412, 43 Mk III, 48 Mk II, 55, 64 Hardtop and 64 Softtop in the water. There will also be many Hallberg-Rassy boats under construction in the work shops. We have invited our competitors to join us as well. There will be 137 new boats in the water, a new record number of all times, including many premieres from several international boatbuilders.

There will be 90 exhibitors of yacht equipment ashore, also that a new record.

The event will be open 10.00-18.00 Friday-Saturday and 10.00-16.00 on Sunday. It will be possible to walk around inside the yard from 15.00 on Friday afternoon. It will be pre-premiere for the Hallberg-Rassy 40 Mk II under construction.

After special appointment, there is limited possibilities for trial sails of different models on Monday the 24th.

There is an interesting lecture with dinner on Saturday evening, which need application. Seeing the boats, the yard and parking is free of charge.

To see a list over boats and exhibitors 2015 please see here:…/images/D…/OeppetVarv2015.pdf

For further info please see here: