Lifetime Achievement Award to Germán Frers

Hallberg-Rassy's Designer Germán Frers from Argentina, has received "Lifetime Achievement Award" by the British magazine Sailing Today.

"Germán's designs have had a profound influence on modern yacht design and in a constantly changing world he has managed to remain relevant. His designs are fresh and innovative but also harmonious," said Sailing Today publisher, Simon Temlett. 

Germán Frers, the legendary Argentinian yacht designer, has built up an almost mythical reputation for turning out stunning yachts. Back in the swinging 60s Frers cut his teeth at the world-renowned design house of Sparkman and Stephens. He has inherited their penchant for turning out effortlessly elegant designs.The list of clients he has designed for reads like a Who’s Who of yachting: Swan, Hallberg-Rassy, Wally… the list goes on.

Germán Frers