Hallberg-Rassy importer located at French Med coast wanted

Hallberg-Rassy is looking for an importer for France, based at the Mediterranean coast. Whole France would be your territory.

To become a successful Hallberg-Rassy importer, there are a number of points which we think are important. Our expectations here:

- To have extensive product knowledge, both about the boat itself and modern comfort equipment for boats

- To have a permanent sales office

- To have a documented good track record of selling complex products to end consumers

- To have good technical understanding

- To be in the position to perform minor warranty issues yourself at own expense

- To market the Hallberg-Rassy brand at own expense

- To show Hallberg-Rassy at your own expense on at least one boat show in your country

- Not to market any similar products directly competing with the Hallberg-Rassy brand. But you are allowed to market non competing other sailboats, powerboats, used boats, maintenance, service and so on

- To come to the yard in Sweden to learn more about the current models, how we build the boats, how we work and to present yourself

- To have the endeavour to do all this at own expense for some time before success finally arrives

- In the long term to annually sell at least three new Hallberg-Rassys, or a turnover of at least 15 000 000 SEK, even the not so good years

If you think you are the right person or company for this task, please contact us

French Hallberg-Rassy 310