Hallberg-Rassy gets highest overall score in large market survey

Hallberg-Rassy received the highest overall score of all brands on the market in a big market survey. The survey is carried out by Yacht, Europe’s largest sailing magazine, and has done so for more than ten years. In the latest survey 2 893 people replied, which is a very high figure and that makes the results reliable. Again Hallberg-Rassy gets extraordinary good results. For the first time, there is a conclusion regarding which brand is the overall market leader, and that is Hallberg-Rassy. This market survey was carried out in the fall of 2011.

The best brand overall is concluded to be Hallberg-Rassy

The left row shows ownership and that proves that Hallberg-Rassy's market share has improved significantly during last year.

The right row shows the boat owners buying intention, both new and used. Also that shows an increase for Hallberg-Rassy, who has now climbed up to the number 1 brand as the most desired boat type on the whole market.

Notice that this relates to number of buyers, not value.

This shows the same figures but only for new boats. To the left we can see an even larger increase of market share for Hallberg-Rassy in new boat ownership. 

To the right, the intention to buy a new Hallberg-Rassy is even higher, climbing up to number 1 on the whole market for new boats. 

Notice that this relates to number of buyers, not value.
"Besitz" is current ownership of new boats, "Neukaufabsicht" means intention to buy a new boat.

This shows the same figures but only for used boats. Also here a big increase for Hallberg-Rassy, climbing up to number one as the most desired used boat on the market. 

"Besitz" means current ownership of boats bought used. "Gebrauchtkaufabsicht" means intention to buy used.

Notice that this relates to number of buyers, not value.

Hallberg-Rassy gets very high and stable figures over the years.

baut Schiffe mit hoher Zuverlässigkeit   means  
Build boats with high reliability
gute Verarbeitung   means   Good finish
hohe Qualität   means   High quality
schöne Optik   means   good looks
modern/fortschrittlich   means   modern/innovative
traditionell/klassich   means   traditional/classical
bieten einen guten Service   means   Offers good service
gutes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis   means   value for money
hoher Wiederverkaufswert   means   High resale value
ist eine bekannte Werft   means   Well-known brand
macht gute Werbung   means   Makes good advertising
besonders langlebig   means   Long service life
baut sportliche Schiffe   means   Builds high performance boats
baut Schiffe mit hoher Sicherheit/Seegängigkeit   means  
Builds boats with high level of security/seagoing abilities

This is the same figures for 2011 but compared to the average on the market

This shows who many said that Hallberg-Rassy is their dream yacht of all categories of boats; cruisers, racers, multihull, daysailors. The lead for Hallberg-Rassy is dramatic.


This shows how many said that Hallberg-Rassy is their dream yacht specifically within cruising boats. The lead for Hallberg-Rassy is even more dramatic.