Hallberg-Rassy 412 nominated to Hiswa Boat of the Year in Benelux

Five boats were selected for the Hiswa Boat of the Year. After trial sails on the IJsselmeer in Holland today 16 October 2012 under perfect conditions, three boats of the five are now left in the competition. These three boats are now nominated for the Hiswa Boat of the Year award. Hiswa is the Dutch boating business organisation and the organizer of the two Dutch boatshows. The Hiswa jury members consists of journalists of five magazines; Varen from Belgium, Waterkampioen from the Netherlands, Nautique from the Netherlands, de Telegraaf, a Dutch morningpaper and the Hiswa magazine. The winner will be revealed at the in-door boat show in Amsterdam in March 2013.