Hallberg-Rassy 412 again outperformed racingboats

A Dutch Hallberg-Rassy 412 recently sailed the 40 NM double handed race "40 Mijl van Bru" and won big time!

There were totally 180 participants and the Hallberg-Rassy 412 with in-mast furling won her class. The 412 was the fastest overall on corrected time but also on the water the 412 beat First 40.7, X-43, X-46, XP-38, XP-33 on boatspeed!

The crew consisted of Marnix Hameeteman, Dutch Hallberg-Rassy importer, and Jaap de Waal. Congratulations to this achievement!

The result is another proof that the Hallberg-Rassy 412, an easy to sail and comfortable cruiser with in-mast furling, is capable of outperforming the hottest racing boats of the same size.