Continuous improvements for modelyear 2018

• The floorboards are now in the same wood type as the rest of the interior

• When push button sailing is ordered, the buttons now have back lighted text, which makes night sailing easier

• Hallberg-Rassy 310 up to 55: Automatic fire extinguisher for the engine room. The 64 had an engine room fire extinguisher already before

• All models where electric toilets are ordered: A more robust, quieter unit, with soft closing lid, will be used. HR 64 and HR 55 aft head already has an upgraded loo 

• All models where radar pole is ordered: The pole is now hinged, which makes life a lot easier at for example winter storage or lifting the boat in a travellift 

• Hallberg-Rassy 372 and 40 Mk II: The engine has been upgraded from 55 hp D2-55 to 60 crankshaft hp D2-60

• Hallberg-Rassy 44: An additional locker above the hanging locker is introduced in the version with sb bunks cabin with large head

• Hallberg-Rassy 44: An additional top opening locker in the linear galley is introduced

• Hallberg-Rassy 44: The hanging locker space in the aft cabin has been enhanced

• Hallberg-Rassy 44: The manual bilge pump control has been moved from visible to in the floorboards

• 44 ft and larger: The switch panel at the work table is upgraded to a new more attractive design in silver grey

• Hallberg-Rassy 64: New more elegant way to mount an inner frame to the saloon portlights and  the lining below the saloon portlights