Continuous improvements for modelyear 2015

• Ventilation slots under the berths for additional

• Blue grip at the aft upper end of the sprayhood and a
   cover over the zipper

• Fan extractor with carbon filter is now possible as
   an option also on the 43 Mk III and 48 Mk II
   (earlier only available on the 55 and 64)

• New style on the entrance stair in the 64 in style 

   with the 55 with a shoe locker in the lower step

• The white painted wooden panels in the saloon
   alcoves are now made in a different wood which
   shows the grain more clearly

• The engine room light is upgraded to LED, which
   gives longer service life and clearer light

• HR 48 Mk II has got a larger opening portlight
   towards the cockpit when the linear galley is ordered

• The reading lamps in the Hallberg-Rassy 310 and
   342 have been upgraded to the same style as already
   used in the 372 to 412

• The pressure equalizing tank for the fresh water
   system on the 310 and 342 has been upgraded from
   two to eight litres. That gives a more continuous
   waterflow and saves the pump

• Neater solution with upgraded, visible turn-
   buckles, similar to what is already used on the 64

• New upholstery collection with 11 new fabrics