Big delivery to repeat customer

Early March British Kiel Yacht Club (BKYC) took delivery of a new fleet of Hallberg-Rassy 342s. BKYC is a repeat customer and has now ordered 54 new Hallberg-Rassys since the 1980s. This year’s fleet consists of ten new Hallberg-Rassy 342s.

Rear Commodore Richard Egan says that sailing a new fleet of Hallberg-Rassys is a cost efficient way to educate soldiers. –“These boats suit our needs ideally. Good for training and well built boats that deals well with heavy handed soldiers.”

BKYC has their own yard facilities with professional care and maintenance. A report from the RYA Chief Examiner describes the boats as “The best maintained fleet of sea school yachts in the world”.

This is the fifth time British Kiel Yacht Club (BKYC) re- news their fleet to a new Hallberg-Rassy fleet. British Kiel Yacht Club is a private club based in Kiel, Germany.

The UK military is chartering the boats for adventurous sailing training. There are normally people from the UK Army sailing the boats, but also from the UK Navy and the UK Air Force or private people with connection to the UK Military.

5 to 7 men and women are onboard each yacht on a trip that usually takes around five days, goes to Denmark and covers 150 nautical miles. The yachts are used extensively from early March until the end of November. Each boat is sailed about 7 000 nautical miles per year, which corresponds to about seven years of sailing for an ordinary sailor.

The BKYC people are very enthusiastic about their new fleet of Hallberg-Rassy 342s. For BKYC it is important to have boats that are built to last and able to cope with tough conditions. Resale value is also a very important factor, as well as spare parts supply and value for money.

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