New varnishing machine installed

18 Feb 2024

This is an all-new rolling coating varnishing machine that just has been installed at Hallberg-Rassy in Ellös. Hallberg-Rassy has used this technology for 16 years now, this is the second generation machine that is even more efficient. It uses a roller to press the varnish into the flat wooden surfaces.

This type of UV varnish is not only environmentally friendly as it does not cointain any solvents, it also better withstands large variations in temperature, humidity, stains from both fresh water, salt water, diesel, petrol, and oils, is more fire resistant and is as much as ten times more scratch-resistant as traditional boat varnish.

Since the varnish is rolled right into the wood, there is close to zero waste, a big advantage as the varnish is quite costy.

The process is also a lot quicker, filling up the wood with varnish in just a minute including curing, which takes 40 minutes in other machines. This machine is not the only one Hallberrg-Rassy uses, there are four ways to apply the varnish.

This machine is an investment of around 300 000 Euros.