New generation at the helm of Hallberg-Rassy’s Swiss dealership

20 Feb 2021

There is a change of generation in the dealership for Hallberg-Rassy in Switzerland. Now the second generation, Julia Steiner-Müller, is heading Bootswerft Rolf Müller AG, located at Lake Constance.

Until now over 500 new Hallberg-Rassy yachts have been sold by Bootswerft Rolf Müller AG, mainly to the Swiss lakes and to the Mediterranean area.

When Julia’s father Rolf Müller started selling Hallberg built boats 51 years ago, in 1970, at the age of 21, there was no Hallberg-Rassy, but a Hallberg boatyard and a Rassy boatyard. Rolf started selling Harry Hallberg’s legendary Mistral 33, with mahogany superstructure and GRP hull. In 1972 the Hallberg yard was merged with the Rassy yard and the name Hallberg-Rassy was created.

Julia has worked several years in the company and now heads it. Her husband Martin Steiner is responsible for the work shop.

The company has 6 employees and has winter storage for no less than 80 yachts of which a vast majority, 60, are Hallberg-Rassys. The yard also offers summer storage, repairs, refits, upgrades and sells power boats as well.