New five axis CNC milling machine

17 Mar 2023

Hallberg-Rassy has invested in a completely new five axis CNC milling machine. This investment is around 300 000 Euros. The new machine is both faster and can mill larger parts than the previous generation. A five axis machine can mill three-dimensional parts.

Hallberg-Rassy belongs to the pioneers when it comes to the use of CNC controlled routers for cutting wood in the marine business. Back in 1987 the first CNC machine was put into operation at the yard. Parts could be precision cut optimizing waste to a degree previously unknown. Today Hallberg-Rassy is using the fourth generation of CNC routers.

What Hallberg-Rassy pioneered in the marine business, even before the world’s largest pleasure boat producers, was to use vacuum to hold the pieces that were going to be cut out. That means that only the tools have to be measured in, there is no longer any need to adapt for each shape to be cut out. This makes the set up so suitable for boat building, where the number of shapes can be several thousands, but the number of units cut out each time are rarely more than ten.

Today Hallberg-Rassy has three CNC routers; one five axis for three dimensional shapes, and two three axis for two dimensional shapes. Normally wood is cut out with the routers, but the routers are also used with acrylic glass, Corian, aluminium and PUR paste for milling plugs.