Message in a bottle recovered after seventeen years

23 Sept 2019

In the summer of 2001 My and Viktor wrote a paper message and threw the bottle into the sea in Bohuslän, West Sweden.

Hallo My Carsten Rist! What happened to that bottle – posted so many years ago?

Our family used to sail a lot when we were kids. My Grandfather, Bengt-Åke had in the 70s a Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31 that we were able to use. In the summer of 2001 we were sailing along the Swedish Westcoast, from Malmö northbound. I was eleven years old, my younger brother was nine. Somewhere in the archipelago we decided to write a message and post it in a bottle. Hoping to get a fast answer that never came. All of a sudden, a few weeks ago I got an answer on Facebook.   

What did the message say?

Someone with the name Linnea had found the bottle in the harbour of Skärhamn. She said she was happy to write from the “future” and to be able to find us on Facebook… She also hopes that we have had a nice cruise back to Malmö, that summer of 2001.

How did you feel about the message?

It was really funny! To be honest, I have only a vague memory about the day we posted it. Now as I saw the message I can see it is my father’s handwriting. We sure were telling him what to write. When you think about it, it is unbelievable! The piece of paper had survived in the bottle for seventeen years, not sinking or breaking, and finally someone found it and contacted me.  

How is your sailing life today?

Last summer my brother Viktor and I took over Gladis from our grandfather. It is located in the marina in Limhamn. My grandfather has always had boating as his hobby, and he is known as “Gladis” (a happy person) here in Malmö. When we were younger he introduced us to the sport and sailing the Optimist. Now we sailed Gladis our first weeks alone along the Westcoast last summer. This summer we are looking forward to new adventures. I feel free out at sea, and to have a common project with your brother is really something nice.

Will you continue posting bottles?

Absolutely! We will send some messages this summer, now we know that it really works!

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