Hallberg-Rassy fully operating

20 Mar 2020

Hallberg-Rassy works as normal and we see no reason not to continue to deliver boats on time, as we have always done.

The number of ill workers is so far on a completely normal level, or even less than normal. Also deliveries of components from sub suppliers work as normal.

Our financial situation is strong and we are debt free.

We are getting our first demonstrators ready in the water. It is more a question of that many non-Swedish visitors have issues getting to us. But if you can get to us and you feel healthy, you are welcome visiting us and we can show you boats, sail and deliver boats.

The Swedish Krona has weakened considerably since the Düsseldorf boat show and that makes an excellent opportunity to order a new Hallberg-Rassy for 2021 now.

We continuously follow the development and take precautions to stay healthy.