Hallberg-Rassy dream yacht in 20th consecutive survey

Dream yacht, cruising sailing yachts

Dream yacht, all categories of sailing vessels

Europe’s largest sailing magazine, Yacht from Germany, has since 1998 made 20 extensive market researches. This time no less than 8 300 readers answered detailed questions about the yacht market.

For the 20th time since 1998, the dream yacht overall from all categories is Hallberg-Rassy. The lead to number two on the list is massive with 16.4 % for Hallberg-Rassy and only 5.6 % for Number two.

When asking specifically for dream cruising yacht, the lead to number two is even more massive with 29.8 % for Hallberg-Rassy and only 5.2 % for Number two on the list.

A lot has changed in the yachting business the past 21 years but Hallberg-Rassy’s huge lead as No 1 Dream Yacht remains.

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