Another victory for a Hallberg-Rassy 412

It seems to have become a habit: a cruising equipped Hallberg-Rassy 412 with in-mast furling won in a big race. The race is called Schifffahrtsregatta, organised by Peter Gast Shipping and has totally 132 participating boats and is the largest privately organized offshore race in the world.

The 30 nautical miles regatta started outside Schleimünde in Germany and ended in Ærøskøbing in Denmark.

It was a thrilling race and the Hallberg-Rassy 412 was in a top position already at the first upwind course. After a jibe manouver that didn't work well at all, and a screwed up gennaker, it took some time to come up in a top position again. 

After half the race, it was only a 45 footer ahead in the category. For the final 15 nautical miles, the boats were so close that the crews could yell to each other. The last five nautical miles, the distance between the boats got less and less. At the finish line, the difference was just 23 seconds, enough for the 412 to win the category on calculated time, and the 45 footer on the second place.

The 412 won her category and placed third overall out of 73 yachts with this handicap system. This is an even better result than last years category victory for this 412, although the handicap value was adjusted so that the same 412 had to sail almost two per cent faster to achieve the same result.