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Here you may contact Hallberg-Rassy about a new boat enquiry or contact details about the pre-owned boats listed on this site. Hallberg-Rassy Varvs AB does not offer repairs, winter storage, refits, surveys, installation instructions for aftermounts on older boats, brokerage, repair advice, troubleshooting, or maintenance instructions, other than what is already on this web site. All info we have on older boats is available on our web site. If it is not there, we don't have it. For spare parts and accessories, please contact the separate company Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB.


Hallberg-Rassyvägen 1
SE-474 31 Ellös

For spare parts, please contact Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB


Monday-Thursday 8.00-16.30
Breakfast break 9.30-9.50
Lunch break 12.50-13.30

Fridays 8.00-13.30
Breakfast break: 9.30-10.00, no lunch break

Summer vacation for the yard: 15 July - 9 August 2024.
Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB is open the whole summer.

Company registration number for boat building company Hallberg-Rassy Varvs AB: 556707-2334

EU VAT ID number Hallberg-Rassy Varvs AB: SE556707233401
Bankgiro: 541-2051

Bank account Hallberg-Rassy Varvs AB:
IBAN SE1480000810596935016193 (for SEK only)
Bank: Swedbank

Company registration number for parent company Hallberg-Rassy AB: 556087-7499


When you use a GPS, the road is "Hallberg-Rassyvägen 1" and the village "Ellös". Older GPS versions may not have "Hallberg-Rassyvägen 1" but then "Hällavägen 6" in "Ellös" will also work.

Take the E6 road heading south, direction Uddevalla - Stenungsund - Göteborg.

Appr. 7 km before Uddevalla you will have a shopping centre called Torp on your right. The sign says Orust. Take a right.

Follow the signs to Orust, Road number 160.

In Henån you have two alternatives:

  1. Take a right to Ellös. This road is of rather poor quality, but shorter.
  2. Go straight for 25 km to Varekil. Take a right at the Ingo gas station to Ellös a further 19 km. This road is more convenient but 28 km longer than the first alternative.

In Ellös, just follow the signs to Hallberg-Rassy.


Take the E6 road heading north, direction Göteborg - Oslo.

Appr. 45 km north of Gothenburg take the exit to Orust / Tjörn, road number 160.

Follow that road approximately 25 km to a place called Varekil. There you will have an Ingo gas station on your right and an exit to the left going to Ellös.

That road will take you straight to Ellös, and in Ellös there are signs to Hallberg-Rassy.

If you use a GPS, the road is "Hallberg-Rassyvägen 1" and the village "Ellös". Older GPS versions may not yet have "Hallberg-Rassyvägen 1" but then "Hällavägen 6" in "Ellös" will also work.

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