Hallberg-Rassy - Your dream yacht within reach

Hallberg-Rassy is the number one brand most sailors dream of. A Hallberg-Rassy is your dream yacht within reach. Hallberg-Rassy, built in Sweden, has always meant good comfort combined with easy handling. "There is no need to be soaking wet to enjoy sailing". A Hallberg-Rassy is synonymous with sturdy construction, a well protected cockpit, nice woodwork, a powerful engine with big tankage. The looks of a Hallberg-Rassy evolves with the years and still you can immediately recognize a Hallberg-Rassy as a Hallberg-Rassy, even on a distance, no matter if it is a new boat, or decades old. A Hallberg-Rassy never goes out of style. Hallberg-Rassy yachts have style; their own. Hallberg-Rassy has always stayed true to this concept and has never tried to do anything but blue water cruisers. That is why you find and easily recognize a Hallberg-Rassy no matter which part of the world you go to.

Hallberg-Rassy now has 50 000 followers on Instagram.

Be a fan you too at www.instagram.com/hallbergrassy

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Hallberg-Rassy works as normal and we see no reason not to continue to deliver boats on time, as we have always done.

The number of ill workers is...

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Hallberg-Rassy has invested in a completely new CNC milling machine. The new machine is both faster and more all-round efficient than the previous...

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Come and ee new and used sailboats from both Hallberg-Rassy and a lot of different other manufacturers at Segelbåtsdagarna in Ellös 9-10 May 2020.


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Come and see the Hallberg-Rassy 340 and the Swedish premiere for the Hallberg-Rassy 40C at the in-door boat show Allt för Sjön in Älvsjö, Stockholm,...

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The plan was that a Hallberg-Rassy 340 was to be exhibited at Japan International Boat Show in Yokohama 5-8 March 2020, but this boat show is...

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Original spare parts and accessories for your Hallberg-Rassy

The Hallberg-Rassy group has a separate company, Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB, employing five persons, specialized in only original spare parts and accessories for your Hallberg-Rassy. Have a look at our web shop shop.hallberg-rassy.com with thousands of items with photo and pricing online. We ship world wide.

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