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Hallberg-Rassy is the number one brand most sailors dream of. A Hallberg-Rassy is your dream yacht within reach. Hallberg-Rassy, built in Sweden, has always meant good comfort combined with easy handling.

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There is no need to be soaking wet to enjoy sailing.


The Hallberg-Rassy group has a separate company, Hallberg-Rassy Parts AB, employing six persons, specialized in only original spare parts and accessories for your Hallberg-Rassy. Have a look at our webshop with thousands of items with photo and pricing online. We ship world wide.



A Hallberg-Rassy is synonymous with sturdy construction, a well protected cockpit, nice woodwork, a powerful engine with big tankage. The looks of a Hallberg-Rassy evolves with the years and still you can immediately recognize a Hallberg-Rassy as a Hallberg-Rassy, even on a distance, no matter if it is a new boat, or decades old. A Hallberg-Rassy never goes out of style. Hallberg-Rassy yachts have style - their own. Hallberg-Rassy has always stayed true to this concept and has never tried to do anything but blue water cruisers. That is why you find and easily recognize a Hallberg-Rassy no matter which part of the world you go to.



This fascinating book is available in English and Swedish editions and is a must-have for all sailboat lovers and Hallberg-Rassy fans in particular. Read about  the journey across the boatyard's first nine decades. From the 1940s until today, this impressive success story is still unfolding with no end in sight. The book is richly illustrated and contains many interesting insights, pictures, and back stage stories, of which most have never before been published. You can learn about the history and philosophy of the yard through interviews with key people and yacht owners. You can discover many new amazing details about all the Hallberg-Rassy yachts ever built and even see drawings of some designs that were never built.



09 Jan 2023

Hallberg-Rassy 400 winner in SAIL Top 10 Best Boats 2023

Every year, sailboat manufacturers around the world launch their latest models, and every year,…

17 Dec 2022

Gold watch to Mikael ”Fido” Gustavsson for 25 years at Hallberg-Rassy

Mr Mikael ”Fido” Gustavsson (left) has received a gold watch for serving Hallberg-Rassy Marinplast…

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26 Jan 2023

Previous model Hallberg-Rassy 352​​​​​​​ interior gallery

Previous model Hallberg-Rassy 352 interior photo gallery updated with another image

25 Jan 2023

Previous model Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II exterior gallery

Previous model Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II ​​​​​​​exterior photo gallery updated with another image

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05 Jan 2023

340, 400, 40c and 44 in showroom in Ellös

Come and visit the Hallberg-Rassy 340, 400, 40C and 44 in the showroom in Ellös, from 5 January-28…

21 Jan 2023

Hallberg-Rassy 340, 400, 44 and 50 in Düsseldorf 21-29 January 2023

Come and visit the Hallberg-Rassy 340, 400, 44 and 50 at the world´s largest in-door boat show, Boot…

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