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The Rasmus 35 was designed by the leading Swedish designer of elegant yachts of the 1960s, Olle Enderlein. 760 boats were made between 1967 and 1978.

The first two Rasmus were built entirely in mahogany and took one year each to construct. From hull number 3 both the hull and the superstructure were made of GRP.

The name "Rasmus" is German and means God of Winds. The design of the Rasmus 35 was in many ways ahead of its time. It was the first sailing yacht in the world with a windscreen. That made her centre cockpit very well protected, keeping with elegant lines. The Rasmus 35 also has a powerful engine. All these important basic points, together with timeless lines makes this yacht pleasing still today and she will also be as attractive in 10 or 20 or 30 years from now. In other words, this is a genuine Hallberg-Rassy.


Hallberg-Rassy 35 Rasmus


Olle Enderlein

Hull length

10.50 m / 34'-6"


3.05 m / 10'

Draft at empty load

1.30 m / 4'-3"

Displacement at empty standard boat

5 500 kg / 12 125 lb.

Sail area with jib

45 m / 485 sq ft


Volvo Penta MD 21



kW / HP, according to SAE norm

56 / 75

Power according to day's norm, appx. 33 kW / 45 HP

Water tank

280 litres / 74 US gallon

Transport height without windscreen

2.87 m / 9' 5"

Transport height with windscreen

3.50 m / 11' 6"

Interior drawing and photos

Side view

Sail plan - sloop

Sail plan - ketch

Sketch winter cradle

Rasmus 35 original black/white sales brochure (PDF 1.7 MB)

Rasmus 35 colour brochure (PDF 1.55 MB)

English PDF Manual for HR 35 Rasmus

Association for HR 35 Rasmus owners

The Rasmus has been awarded its own association. The name is "Rasmusklubben" (The Rasmus Club) and already has many members. The club organises meetings both at sea in the summer and onshore in the wintertime to encourage interchange of hints and experiences. For more information please contact:




Main: 265 sq. ft.
Genoa: 238 sq. ft.


Fiberglas. Colour: white.
Bottom painted with antifouling.
Built-in longitudinal stringers and tanks of fibreglass. Keel ballast is iron, moulded and completely protected by fibreglass. Rudder has a stock of 1 1/2 inch bronze to which is bonded a blade shaped in fibreglass. All rudder fittings are cast in bronze. Scantlings and workmanship in hull, deck, rudder and chain plates are all to the high standards necessary to meet Lloyd's requirements for a "Hull Moulding Certificate."

Deck and Cabin house

Fibreglass sandwich construction. One inch thick with polyvinyl foam used throughout for strength and insulation.
Colour: Off-white.
Hull and deck completely joined by overlapping fibreglass laminate and a bulwark is formed of the deck and hull mouldings and is topped by a cap rail of solid teak. Hand rails, cap rails, cockpit comings, companionway hatch guides, cabin sole and seats in cockpit are all made of solid selected Burma teak. The deck has a unique, easily-cleaned non-skid surface. Four 1" scuppers drain off deck water through underwater through-hulls. The self-draining cockpit has two 1 1/2 inch scuppers.


One vent over the head.
One in passageway from main cabin to fore cabin.
Opening skylight optional.

Spar and Rigging

The aluminium mast and boom feature a gold anodized finish. The mast is stepped on deck with a load bearing bulkhead and mast post underneath.
Chain plates in stainless steel. Forestay, shrouds, backstay and lower shroud are all made of 1/4" 1 x 19 stainless steel wire with stainless eye socket terminals.
Genoa track and blocks, boom vang tackle and internal halyards are all standard. Halyards are 1/4 inch flexible stainless steel wire with two halyard reel-type winches, Lewmar or equivalent. Stainless steel roller reefing gear.
All sheets are braided Dacron. Main sheet with tackle and cam action jam cleat. Genoa winches are two-speed Lewmar 40 or equivalent. Deck flood lighting provided by single unit mounted on spar.


Four cylinder Volvo Penta marine diesel, model MD 21. 75 hp SAE (55 hp DIN) at 4,500 rpm.
Engine is fresh-water cooled and features built-in oil cooler. Mechanical reverse gear with 1:1.91 reduction. 12 volt, 38 amp alternator is standard. There are two 114 ah batteries with separate circuits for engine starting, auxiliary outlets and ship's lighting.
Instrument panel features rev. counter, temperature gauge, and oil pressure alarm buzzer.
Propeller shaft is 1 1/4 inch. acid proof steel, while the propeller is three-bladed bronze, 15 x 13. A positive feature of the Rasmus is the very thoroughly aligned prop shaft, which combined with flexibly-mounted engine and meticulously sound-insulated engine room makes a quiet, unobtrusive installation.
The engine exhaust includes expansion compensator, water lock and a very efficient rubber muffler.
The Diesel fuel tank has a separate drain pump to simplify checking or draining of water due to condensation.


The accommodation features three separate cabins, each with two comfortable berths.
The toilet compartment is separate and generous for washing or use as a changing room. It is fitted with a reliable marine type toilet. The wash basin is fitted into the countertop.
The main cabin features an extra large dinette (7') with lowering table and a galley to delight the demanding. Propane stove with oven. Home size stainless sink 13" x 16" and a 6' 6" counter top in easy cleaned teak texture plastic laminate.
The aft cabin is a comfortable two berth "owners cabin" panelled in selected mahogany as the main and fore cabins.
Upholstery and wall to wall carpeting is in high quality textiles throughout.


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