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The Misil II was built from 1972 until 1977. A total of 596 boats were built.

Misil II is designed for the young family that wants a quality boat with an elegant design. In its latest model the Misil has a broader stern which gives better sailing performance and higher top speed. Misil has proved to be one of the smaller sailboats to really meet the demands of off-shore sailing. There are Misil owners who have sailed all the way from Sweden to the West Indies. Misil has a practical cockpit layout with the mainsheet easily accessible on a traveller in front of the skipper and with the tiller mounted on the stern deck. Early Misil IIs had the rudder shaft coming out in the cockpit. This was soon changed to outside the cockpit, for improved comfort. Misil II is powered by either an outboard engine or an inboard. The "II" stands for second version, after Misil I.

The Misil II was chosen winner of the honourable award "Boat of the year" 1972.

(Specifications from 1975)

Hallberg-Rassy 24 Misil II


Olle Enderlein

Hull length

7.35 m / 24' 1"

Waterline length 6.05 m / 19' 10''


2.30 m / 7' 7"


1.20 m / 3' 11"


1850 kg / 4100 lbs

Keel weight

859 kg / 1850 lbs

Number of berths


Mast (above water)

9.85 m / 32' 4"

Sail area with jib

28 m / 310 sq ft

Colour code hull Syntes 5700 yellow
Colour code deck Syntes 2100 grey



Side view


Original Sales brochure as PDF (Swedish) 1.8 MB PDF

Swedish PDF Manual for part built Misil II 1.5 MB PDF

Sketch wintercradle

Swedish Misil II club's home page

The interior is finished in choice mahogany. There are four permanent berths. The backrests in the cabin are mounted on tracks and can be easily moved to the edge of the berths to act as rough weather "bunk boards".

The galley is placed against the bulkhead towards the cockpit and takes up the entire width of the cabin. There is ample space for the preparation of food as well as plenty of storage space. A freshwater pump, wall to wall carpeting and a stainless steel alcohol stove are standard equipment.

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