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Totally 202 hulls of the Hallberg-Rassy 38 were built during 1977 - 1986.

Hallberg-Rassy 38 is built for pleasant sailing and a comfortable life on board. This thoroughbred cruiser design is a well built yacht for the recreation of your family and friends.

The interior is well laid out. She has got the volume and displacement to carry everything a fair sized crew needs to bring for long passages at sea, including plenty of stowage for stores and personal belongings, plus a large water capacity.

The high freeboard and low superstructure design gives you good volume below and a large deck.

Olle Enderlein has designed a fine yacht, perfectly balanced under all conditions. With a long keel and separate skeg and rudder, he has combined the traditional long keel and the modern fin keel types. The hull is in solid fiberglass.

The Hallberg-Rassy 38 is built at a yard dedicated to building high quality cruising sailboats. She is built by men with generations of boat building in their blood and who have long lived with the sea an the Swedish west coast. All the boats are a masterpiece in mahogany and teak. The finish is the trademark of traditional craftsmanship.



Hallberg-Rassy 38


Olle Enderlein

Length over all

11.57 m / 38'


3.48 m / 11' 5"

Draft, empty load

1.75 m / 5' 9"

Displacement, empty load

8 500 kg / 18740 lbs.

Sail area with jib

60.5 m / 651 sq. ft


Volvo Penta MD21



kW / HP

51 / 75

Speed under power

8.3 knots

Diesel tank

350 litres / 93 US gallon

Water tank

400 litres / 106 US gallon

Mast over water, without Windex 14.0 m / 45 ft 11 inch

Transport height without windscreen

3.71 m / 12' 2"

Interior photos and drawing

Sail plan

Winter cradle sketch


(From 1978)


Each hull is built according to Lloyds specifications for "Certificate of Hull Construction" and under the personal supervision of Lloyds surveyor in the respect of hull, deck and superstructures in GRP, main bulkheads, engine foundations, chain plates, rudder with fittings, built in fuel and water tanks. Hull moulding release note and certificate are supplied.


GRP. White with marine blue decoration stripe above the rubbing strake. Underwater hull treated with GRP-primer, two component primer and antifouling paint. Blue boat top. Built in longitudinal stringers and tanks in GRP. Ballast keel, iron, moulded in and completely protected in GRP. Rudder blade in GRP. Rudder main shaft 40 mm bronze. Heavy cast rudder fittings in bronze.

Deck and superstructure:

Ivory white. GRP-sandwich construction, 25 mm, with polyvinylcellular plastic as core material for strength and insulation.
Hull and deck completely joined by overlapping GRP laminate. Bulwark formed in the deck and hull mouldings and fitted with a solid capping in teak. Handrails, companionway, hatchguides, sole and seats in the cockpit are all made in natural teak. 13mm (") laid teakdeck on top of the GRP deck. The deck is provided with four 1" scuppers draining below the waterline. Two 1" scuppers from the watertight and selfdraining cockpit.

Spars and rigging:

Mast and boom in anodized light alloy profiles.
Mast: 239 x 162 mm (9.4" x 6.4"). The mast is provided with a special channel for later instalment of cables for electrical equipment. The mast is stepped on the cabin top directly over a strengthened bulkhead. Modern Jiffy reef. Two halyard reel type winches, Lewmar 2 or equiv. Two Lewmar 8 winches for reef and outhaul on the boom. Boom vang tackle.
Internal halyards. Decklight.
Fittings for spinnaker halyard at masthead, pennantlines.
Main sheet 6-part on x-track with traveller. Foresail sheet.
Two Lewmar adjustable track cars for foresail sheets on 10' Lewmar light alloy track. Fore stay in 10 mm (7/16").
Main shrouds and stays in 8 mm (5/16") 1x19. Turnbuckles 5/8".
Jib halyard 6 mm (") 7x19. Main halyard 5 mm (3/16").
Boom lift.
Chain plate in stainless steel.
Steamhead fitting in stainless steel with incorporated anchor roller.


First class workmanship in terylene or dacron, soft treated cloth. Main with slides for track in mast.

Main sail:

31.5 m (340 sq. ft.), 320 gr/m. Two reefs in main sail.

Working jib:

29.8 m ( 321 sq. ft.), 230 gr/m


Sheet winches, two Lewmar 44 (three speed), clamcleats.
Three 10" winch handles , "lock in", provided. One winch handle pocket.
Four 15" mooring cleats and two 10" mooring cleats amidships.
Pulpit and pushpit in stainless steel, open type for easy embarkment.
Built in rubbingstrake with bronze profile.
Double lifelines with four pairs of conical stanchoins. Height 80 cm (26").
The yacht is delivered with permanent windscreen with heat treated glass in light alloy frames. In the windscreen, one panel is opening and provided with an electrical wiper. A canvas canopy attached to the windscreen protects the forward part of the cockpit. Portlights in 10 mm (7/16") acrylic glass and light alloy frames, all opening.
Sestrel major compass or equivalent.
Whale Gusher 10 bilge pump.
International navigation lights, 100 mm (4").
One folding anchor 20.5 kg (45 lbs.).
One 30 m (100') anchor line.
Four mooring lines 10m (33').
Six fenders 180 mm (6").
Boat hook.
Bathing ladder on transom.
Flag staff.


Volvo Penta Diesel MD 21 A. 75 hp SAE at 4500 rpm. Used output 45 hp (33kW) at 3000 rpm. Four cylinder Diesel of swirlchamber type, crankshaft in five main bearings. The engine is fresh water cooled and equipped with oil cooler. Reverse and reduction gear type Mono shift 1.92:1.
Instruments comprise Tachometer. Temperature gauge, optic and acoustic warning.
Left handed three bladed propeller, pitch 13", 15". Propeller shaft 30 mm (1 3/16") in stainless steel. Engine and shaft are carefully aligned and rubber suspended. Shaft bearing.. Cutless water lubricated rubber bearing.
"Wet" exhaust line in rubber with water lock and effective rubber silencer.
Two built in fuel tanks, tot. 350 litres (93 US gallon), with separate pump for draining eventual water or sludge.
All drains from the selfbailing cockpit, sinks and wash basins are of durable plastic material. All hoses in the pressure water system are glassfibre reinforced.
All through hull fittings are provided with seacocks. All hose clips in stainless steel.

Engine room:

The engine compartment is sound insulated for lowest possible sound level. The engine is accessible from the passage way for service. A screwed panel in the cockpit is detachable for lifting of the engine.


12 V electrical system with three 114 Ah batteries. One for starting the engine, and two on a separate circuit for lights etc. One 38 Amp engine driven alternator is charging the two separate circuits over a double diode set. The batteries are in a closed, ventilated, compartment.
All wiring with adequate sectional areas. The cables are where possible protected in plastic pipes or hoses. 16 cabin lights and 2 fluorescent lights (in the galley and in the engine room) throughout the boat. Central switch board at the navigation desk with fuses and switches for the different circuits. Water and fuel gauge. Voltmeter and 12V outlet. Two main switches at the accommodation ladder.


Edson chain and sprocket system with stainless wire transmission to heavy bronze quadrant.
6" sheaves. Needle bearing shaft with adjustable friction brake and sprocket for auto pilot.


First class workmanship in selected mahogany, hand rubbed to a silk smooth finish.
The accommodation consists from froward:
Water and gas tight stowage for liquid gas bottles, anchor chain below. The space is accessible from deck and drained over board.

Forward stateroom with two comfortable berths. Length of berths: 2.05 m (6'8"). Filler between berths. Below the berths stowage, accessible through doors. The inside of the hull is lined with mahogany. Shelves at sides. A sliding door separates the forward state room from the passage to the main cabin.

On the SB side of the passage, there is a fair sized hanging locker. On the P side is an unusually roomy toilet compartment with a marine toilet. Wash basin in china, sunk into the countertop. Running hot and cold water with a telephone type shower. Shower curtain, mirror and lockers. The floor is made as a shower stall with teak grating over a drained well. Headroom 1.85 m (6'1"). The walls are covered with light colour linen texture vinyl.
The main cabin is built with fair sized sofa berths P and SB. P sofa is made as a 2.13 m (7') L-sofa. The SB sofa is 2.05 m (6'8"). Bookshelves and lockers outside the sofas. A large table, 1.15 m x 90 cm (45"x35"), with folding top panels.

Aft in the main cabin is a L-shaped galley equipped with 2-burner stove with oven in gimbals. Permanent tubing with shut of valve for liquid gas from stove to gas bottle. Gas bottle and reduction valve is not included. Drained icebox 195 litres (51.5 US gallon). Stainless double sink 24" x l4" with running hot and cold water, manual pump in reserve. The working surfaces on counter top in easy cleaned teak texture plastic laminate. Dustbin, locker for china, drawers etc.
Under the floors in the main cabin is a built in fresh water tank, 400 litres (106 US gallon).

On the Port side is the navigators table with chart locker, drawers, el. switch panel with voltmeter, water and fuel gauge. In the passageway to the aft cabin there is a workbench with stowage lockers.

In the aft cabin there are two berths, one extra wide, 105 cm (41"). The inside of the hull is lined with mahogany. Shelves at sides.

Toilet cabinet with wash basin and mirror. On the Port side in the aft cabin is a hanging locker. Door to the main cabin. Escape hatch to deck. The cushions are all in heavy 4" polyether foam. The upholstery is in high quality furniture fabrics. The floorboards are all teak, covered by wall to wall carpets.

Curtains in all windows. Four 12 V outlets for vacuum cleaner etc. in toilet compartment, galley, aft cabin and in the cockpit.
The cockpit is selfdraining. Seats and gratings in teak. Stowage accessible from cockpit 1.4 m (46 ft.) Upper chart table and cockpit table. Steering pedestal in GRP and steering wheel in teak. Panel for instruments.


Forward stateroom: opening skylight and two opening portlights.
Passageway and toilet room: opening skylight and two opening portlights.
Main cabin: one opening skylight and four opening portlights, two Dorado vents.
Aft cabin: two opening portlights and opening skylight, one vent.
Ventilating panel in main hatchway.

Extra equipment:

  • Heating

  • Additional sails

  • Autopilot

  • Navigation instruments etc

  • Compressor unit for icebox

The address and fax/phone number to Hallberg-Rassy